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What makes PM Reef Ceramic unique? And my LFS showed me several options, why should I use PM Reef Ceramic?

Its unique combination of big porosity and high surface area. This allows a large amount of bacteria easy access to nutrients (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate). Furtermore it is easy to build an uncongested reef display due to the wide variety of designs. In addition we like to point out the sustainability of our product range. No need for destructive exploitation of our ocean for live rocks.

Can PM Reef Ceramic be used directly in the tank?

Yes, PM Reef Ceramic products can be hidden under gravel, or behind false walls. Blocks and spheres can be placed in the tank. It is easy to shape the blocks to make it look more natural. PM Reef Ceramic in a tank will work better than live rock as is has more open porosity. It will remove ammonia and nitrite and minimize nitrates.

What is PM Reef Ceramic made of and will it leach anything into my water?

PM Reef Ceramic is an inert aluminosilicate ceramic that has been fired over 1000°C. It will not leach into aquarium water.

Is there any advantage to using PM Reef Ceramic bio-media instead of live rock?

The harvesting of live rock has contributed to the demise of the world's coral reefs; PM Reef Ceramic is a hand made product and does not harm the environment. Live Rock is popular because in addition to eliminating ammonia and nitrites it will also reduce nitrates. PM Reef Ceramic mimics live rock in this arena and is more effective because of the expert engineering involved to increase surface area along with the pore design. PM Reef Ceramic allows more space for additional beneficial bacteria to grow increasing the capacity to eliminate ammonia and nitrites and reduce nitrates. PM Reef Ceramic also addresses some negatives associated with the use of live rock. Live Rock comes complete with live and dead critters that can contaminate a fish tank. Live Rock is heavy and can displace water needed by aquarium inhabitants. You can be assured that PM Reef Ceramic is contaminate free and lighter than live rock. It can be sanitized and reused and is also a great home for welcome guests like Copepods.

Why is bio filtration important?

Ammonia and nitrite are very harmful to fish and must be eliminated. A properly operating bio-filter will result in imperceptible levels of both.

Does Coral and Coralline Algae Grow on PM Reef Ceramic?

Yes, actually quite nicely. We also asked some of our PM Reef Ceramic product friends to grow coralline algae and found that it grew just fine. You see a picture here.

Will PM Reef Ceramic products affect my water chemistry?

No, PM Reef Ceramic products is made from an inert ceramic.  It has no effect on the water chemistry. One caveat, it also does not add beneficial calcium that some reefers desire.

PM Reef Ceramic is effective at removing Ammonia and Nitrites, but will it remove Nitrates?

PM Reef Ceramics does an excellent job in supporting bacteria which remove ammonia and nitrite. Bacteria based nitrate removal is a little more difficult as it is very system dependent. Any media for this purpose needs to be in an anoxic environment (very low oxygen) and have a carbon source available. These conditions are dependent on systems bio-loads and flow rates. Our products are thick so the oxygen in the water passing through the block can be consumed before entering the middle of the block. We recommend placing the media in a passive or low flow area for the best opportunity to remove Nitrates.

How long will it take to make PM Reef Ceramic products "Live"?

PM Reef Ceramic is similar to other bio-medias in this regard.  Starting from scratch the Nitrogen Cycle usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to be established. Some hobbyists will use store-bought bacteria to help seed the tank and get the cycle going.  The bacteria needed to lower nitrates are much slower growing, and may take upwards of 6 months to fully establish.   In an established tank, beneficial bacteria will begin to colonize the rock immediately.

Who stands behind PM Reef Ceramic?

We are a team of great individuals, each of them is an expert in the field he/she operates. All of us are addicted to saltwater aquariums or at least fresh water aquariums. This means, all products are engineered and improved with love for its aquarium use.

Where is the manufacturing of PM Reef Ceramic products?

We are located in Diepoldsau Switzerland.

Do you have product description in different languages?

Yes, you find them here.

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